Origin of NuBeauty!

The NuBeauty brand was inspired by several things but specifically my personal struggles with my skin! This happened shortly after college and I had never experienced such intense breakouts before so this was traumatic for me!! I tried everything to get rid of those awful blemishes and breakouts!!! I did home remedies, I bought Proactiv and all of the most credible skincare brands that ending up being too harsh for my skin type. I used all of the otc products and topical creams that I thought were helping but really creating more damage!!! I drank gallons of water hoping that would clear up my skin, NOTHING!!!  And after about two years of no progress and I decided to go see a dermatologist, that visit changed my life!! I had tons of questions and wanted to know why it happened and how I could prevent it from happening again!! I thought to myself, I cant be the ONLY person dealing with this and that's when I realized I needed to create my own products!! I wanted to create a product for EVERYONE and for all skin types; oily skin, dry skin and combination skin. I wanted something that was easy on the skin but also worked hard against any stubborn breakouts and/or blemishes. After tons of research, late nights and scribbled journals and notebooks, NuBeauty was created and has been flourishing ever since! Create a new regimen and incorporate this amazing facial oil into your skincare routine!! I can support the wonders it does to the skin!! Who doesn't want healthy, glowing skin?!?!? BUY YOUR OIL TODAY & TELL ME ALL ABOUT!!!